CCC Rental Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of booking the Community Cultural Centre (CCC) from the Imam Hossein Cultural Centre of Ottawa (IHCCO) and using the rental spaces and amenities are as follows.

  1. The person who puts the booking request (aka “Renter”) takes full responsibility on behalf of all participants to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Renter to make all members of its group attending CCC aware of these terms and conditions, and to provide the members with a copy of them, if requested.
  3. Violating any of these terms and conditions would cause suspension for the Renter for future booking requests.
  4. Any activity or event that could potentially damage CCC and its belongings (includes the hall, rooms, and IHCCO equipment at the CCC) is considered unauthorized.
  5. It is not allowed to hold activities or events that are related to modern political issues in any way at the CCC.
  6. Parties or events which include mixed dance program or playing loud music are not allowed at the CCC.
  7. Serving alcoholic beverages is not allowed at the CCC.
  8. The use of drugs or marijuana is prohibited at the CCC.
  9. The use of decorations or special effects, not provided by the IHCCO, must comply with public safety and fire regulations and be authorized in advance by the IHCCO’s representative.
  10. COVID-19 restrictions such as proof of vaccination, capacity limits, physical distancing, use of face masks, and screening at entrance depends on the latest provincial regulations which is expected to be respected. Nevertheless, requesting attendees for regular hand disinfection is highly recommended.
  11. It is recommended to collect all contact tracing information. Records should be kept for one month (31 days) for the purpose of tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.
  12. The booked spaces and amenities are handed to the Renter at most 15 minutes prior to the booking’s start time.
  13. The booked spaces and amenities should be handed over to the IHCCO’s representative at the booking’s end time. The conditions of all spaces and amenities will be checked. If any damages are imposed, the Renter will be notified within 24 hours and is responsible to pay for those damages, invoiced by IHCCO.
  14. There is no extra time for set up and clean up. The required amount of time should be included in the booking time period.
  15. The spaces and amenities are rented in clean, tidy and functional conditions. It should be returned in the same condition, otherwise the Renter is charged for cleaning fees. If you observe any issues, please let the IHCCO’s representative know at the delivery time.
  16. Garbage bags with litters in them should be removed and taken out with yourself at the booking’s end time.
  17. Movable carpets and rugs in the hall and rooms at the CCC are kept clean to be safe for crawling babies and appropriate for prayers. Make sure no attendees, including kids, goes on rugs with shoes on and also goes back and forth from rugs to fixed carpets without shoes.
  18. If movable carpets and rugs are unrolled and used in the hall at the CCC, they should be rolled back at the booking’s end time.
  19. There are 5 rectangular folding tables and 20 folding chairs in the hall at the CCC. If you need more, please mention it in the notes section at the reservation time.
  20. If tables and chairs are used, they should be folded and put back where they were stored at the booking’s end time.
  21. Shared kitchenette, men’s and women’s washrooms are available on the floor which can be used as part of the rental while respecting the simultaneous use of these shared spaces by other groups.
  22. Cooking or heating food is not allowed in the kitchenette and other spaces at the CCC.
  23. There are 45 steps to reach the floor where the CCC is located, and the elevator is out of service.
  24. Only the building’s front door, main stairways, North entrance of the building’s third floor, the hallway to access the CCC’s entrance and washrooms, shared kitchenette and washrooms on the building’s third floor, and the booked spaces at the CCC are allowed to be accessed. Wondering around in other parts of the building or using other building entrance doors by any individual of the Renter’s group is strictly prohibited.
  25. The programs running by other groups in the building should not be interfered by any means and the shared spaces should be used by mutual respect.
  26. The rental rates and available amenities for rental are listed on the booking page.
  27. Booking requests submitted less than 7 days before the intended date or more than 3 months after the current date might not be processed.