Happy birth anniversary of Imam Hasan (pbuh)

Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (pbuh) was the first grandson of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and also the first offspring of the holy matrimony of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Lady Fatima (pbuh). He was born in the middle of Ramadan (3 years after the Prophet’s migration to Medina). Imam Hassan was a picture of piety, worship, humbleness, bravery, and magnanimity. His most prominent characteristic was generosity. It is said that he never rejected a requester. When asked why he did not excuse himself from giving to others, Imam Hassan answered, “I myself am a beseecher in the Divine Court, so how can I turn down the request of those who approach me.”

On the joyous, happy and auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan (pbuh), we extend our heartiest greetings and warm felicitations to all Muslims around the globe.

IHCCO Public Relations