2021 Canadian Census

2021 Census is upon us! Even though filling out the questionnaire is required by law, IHCCO would like to cordially encourage all members of our community to participate in the Statistics Canada’s 2021 Census. These results are used to better plan for the needs of the society, including new schools, public transportation, and hospitals. Therefore, accurate demographic information on Iranian-Canadians, Farsi speakers, and Muslims residing in Ottawa (and Canada) is crucial to seek support for our community’s needs from the decision makers in the public sector on different levels.

The questionnaire is quick and easy. You need to enter “Iranian Persian” to specify the Farsi language in questions 9 and 10. Further information on ethnicity, race and religion might be requested later as an additional survey which we highly recommend filling that out as well.

Please go to www.census.gc.ca and enter the secure access code that is mailed to you to complete the census questionnaire by May 11, 2021. 

Warmest wishes,

IHCCO Public Relations