Report on IHCCO’s Recent Campaigns

Dear friends,

Food Aid Campaign Final Report

Last Muharram, the IHCCO in collaboration with Paradise Charity Group ran a fundraising campaign to support some of the underprivileged families in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran by sponsoring food aid packages in 2020. With your tremendous contributions, we were able to donate $25,240 in overall. The donated funds were transferred to Paradise Charity Group, which is a registered, Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization. Paradise Charity Group, then transferred 100% of the donations to its collaborating charities in Iran. As the donated amount turned out to become significant, a portion of it was used to prepare and distribute food aid packages, while another portion was used to provide warm clothes and heaters. The details and photos were already reported in this video.

The remaining $15,000 was allocated to buy farm animals to make jobs for local women and this part of the campaign required more time to implement. We’re honoured to announce that this part of the campaign has now been fully implemented. As a result, 60 farm animals were purchased and distributed to 15 widowed women. The representatives of the local charity stay in continuous touch with the sponsored families to continue keeping the animals in healthy conditions and use them for the planned goal.

Back-to-School Tablet Campaign Report

During the 2021 new year holidays, the IHCCO, along with some Iranian registered groups in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver, held a fundraising drive for some of the underprivileged students in Iran. Unfortunately, some students in Iran couldn’t afford a tablet to join their online classes during COVID-19 pandemic.

Relying on your generous support, we, at the IHCCO, were able to donate $2,000 – after donation match – to Paradise Charity Group, which is a registered, Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization. Paradise Charity Group then took care of transferring donations to Iran. In overall, all contributing groups in this campaign collected and donated $13,936 altogether to supply 102 tablets for underprivileged students in various cities of Iran.

Children’s Green Aid Campaign Report

Due to the arrival of Eid al-Fitr 2021, the IHCCO held a campaign to collect Sadaghat, Zakat or Kaffarah to help a number of underprivileged families and children in Iran. Forty families took part and donated $3,700 in overall after donation match which was transferred to Emad Foundation, a registered charity in North America that supports children suffering from severe diseases whose families brave living away from their hometown for the treatment process.

Once again, thank you for your support and generous donations that is the key factor in running these philanthropic campaigns, organized and facilitated by the IHCCO. May Allah accept all your good deeds and prayers!

IHCCO Public Relations