Condolences for the martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (PBUH).

Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (pbuh) was the fifth Imam who became known – by friend and foe, alike – for his knowledge and piety. He paved the way for the establishment of a massive Islamic university to spread monotheistic knowledge, which would reach its peak of development during the following Imam’s time.

From Imam Bagher’s sayings: “Whoever seeks knowledge for destructive and useless purposes such as just showing off to other people and scholars is actually putting himself in the fire of his own meanness.”

Imam Bagher (pbuh) was poisoned by Caliph Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik and he was laid to rest in the Baqi cemetery.

We offer our condolences for the martyrdom of our beloved Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir.

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