Performance Report: First Half of Term 7

Dear friends,

It has been six months since we began the seventh term at IHCCO. During this time, 54 volunteers made a great effort to bring us together virtually and then physically by respecting health measures. Thanks to them, we were able to hold 23 events, 25 regular sessions and 5 philanthropic campaigns. We’re so grateful to mention the IHCCO cultural store was developed, the Community Cultural Centre (CCC) was inaugurated, and the religious marriage service was established for the community during this time. We would also like to let you know that after deducting all the expenses, $1016 remains to be used in upcoming events where it is required. We appreciate your support and look forward to your contributions. Our dear students can get involved in volunteer activities and IHCCO would be more than happy to issue community hours certificate for them.

Stay Safe!
IHCCO Public Relations