Mab’ath is upon us. Congratulations!

“Say there is no god (worthy of worship) except Allah so you would find salvation.”

When Mohammad (pbuh) embarked on his prophethood mission not only the Arabian Peninsula had descended into idolatry and ignorance
but even previous religions had been deviated from the principle of worshipping but one God (Tawheed).
The untainted Tawheed in Islamic teachings has fascinated many non-Muslims throughout the history.
For instance, Leo Tolstoy the great Russian writer and thinker after many years of contemplating various religions called himself a “Mohammedan”, and in response to a woman asking for his advice on converting her two sons to Islam sympathized with their decision and said he too preferred Islam with its tenet of believing in one God.

We are celebrating the prophethood of the man who gave Tawheed its highest meaning.

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