Congratulations on Sha’abanieh Eids

Hossein (pbuh) was a small kid playing with other kids. The prophet (pbuh) was passing with his companions when he saw Hossein. He hastily separated from his companions and went toward him to embrace him. Hossein was laughing and escaping and the prophet was chasing him. Until he caught him and showered little Hossein with kisses. The prophet then told his companions “Hossein is from me and I am from Hossein, Allah loves those who love him. He is the progeny of the prophets.”

Congratulations on the birthday of the progenies of the prophet (pbuh). Imam Hossein ibn Ali (pbuh) and Imam Ali ibn Hossein (pbuh) and also on the birthday of Abbas ibn Ali, Abolfazl (father of virtues), who will forever be looked up to for his ultimate brotherhood, sacrifice and defending the truthfulness!

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