Condolences on the Death Anniversary of Lady Zeinab

Lady Zainab (pbuh),  in her lifetime, experienced the death of her grandfather Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the illness and death of her mother Fatima Zahra (pbuh), the martyrdom of her father Imam Ali (pbuh), the martyrdom of her brother Imam Hassan Mojtabi (pbuh). She was there when the incident of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (pbuh) and many of her relatives happened. All these along with going into captivity in Kufa and Sham lead her to be known as Umm al-Masab because of enduring these hardships.

She showed us that there is no deficiency in sacrifice and sacrifice for religion as a woman, and every human being. That is, both men and women, can strive and persevere for religion and in the path of monotheism according to their capacity and intellect.

Lady Zainab(Pbuh): Whoever performs her/his worship and works purely for God, God will grant her/him the best benefits and blessings.

Lady Zainab (Pbuh) died on the 15th of Rajab, a year and a half after the Ashura event. Our deepest condolences going out to every believer on the death anniversary of Lady Zainab (Pbuh).

IHCCO Public Relations