End of Persian School Year – Registration Deadline Extended

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents at the IHCCO Persian School for their unwavering dedication and support throughout this successful year as the very first year of our weekend school. Their tireless efforts have helped shape a memorable and enriching experience for our students.

To celebrate the wonderful achievements and joyous moments of the past school year, we invite you all to view the captivating videos and photos of various activities that took place. Join us in cherishing these unforgettable memories by visiting the album published on our Facebook group.

Additionally, we kindly remind all parents that the registration deadline for the upcoming school year has been extended per your requests. Secure your child’s spot for another year of learning, growth, and cultural immersion by completing the registration process before July 9, 2023. For more information and access to registration form, please visit the Persian School page on our website.

Thank you once again for your invaluable contributions and continuous support. Together, we have created an exceptional learning community for our students, fostering their passion for Persian language and culture. Should you have any questions regarding the IHCCO Persian School, please do not hesitate to contact the school admin via email at school@imamhossein.ca.

IHCCO Public Relations