Observing Remembrance Day

Today, on Remembrance Day, we at the Imam Hossein Cultural Centre of Ottawa pay our heartfelt tribute to those who have lost their lives in the righteous pursuit of justice and peace, anywhere in the world, especially in our homelands, Canada and Iran. It is a day when we honor the memory of those who selflessly dedicated themselves to noble causes, often at great personal sacrifice.

We remember the brave souls who stood up for what they believed in, striving for a world free from oppression, discrimination, and conflict. Their unwavering commitment to the values of justice and humanity continues to inspire us, reminding us that our shared global community must always strive for a more equitable and peaceful world.

As we reflect on Remembrance Day, we also extend our gratitude to those who protect and support our fellow citizens, especially in times of crisis and natural disasters. Their courage and compassion in the face of adversity embody the true spirit of community and resilience.

Additionally, we must not forget the lives lost in the recent genocide on the land of Palestine. We mourn the innocent victims, offer our condolences to their families and communities, and once again, condemn the inhumane acts of oppression violating basic human rights. We hope for a future where peace and coexistence prevail in the region, where all people can live without fear and with the promise of a better tomorrow.

On this day, we recommit ourselves to fostering unity, compassion, and understanding among nations and individuals – inspired by teachings of the Holy Quran, including verse 208 in chapter 2 that invites all believers to be in peace with each other and not to follow harmful paths in life. Let us work together to create a world where the sacrifices of the past serve as a beacon of hope for a brighter, more harmonious future for all.

In honor of all those who have fallen in the name of justice and in support of our fellow citizens, we stand together in remembrance, reflection, and hope.

IHCCO Public Relations