Condolences on Demise Anniversary of Lady Fatemeh

Lady Fatima (pbuh) is an amazing role model to millions of Muslims around the world. She inspired people in many ways, with spirituality being one of the most significant aspects.

A time when Lady Fatima’s (pbuh) elegance, modesty, and grace was show acted was when Imam Hassan (pbuh) saw his mother in the prayer site (mihrab) on Friday night when she continuously performed genuflection and prostration until the sun rose. He heard her praying for the believing men and women; she would mention their names and sincerely prayed for them, but asked nothing for herself. He said to her, ‘My dear mother! Why don’t you pray for yourself as you pray for others? She replied, ‘My son, we must first pray for our neighbours (others) and then for ourselves.’

In this instance, Lady Fatima (pbuh) demonstrated the importance of praying for the needs of others before yourself. It reminds us that if we desire something, we should also wish for the same for others. If you pray for the benefit, health, and wellness of others, God will also return the favor and grant you the things you have prayed for.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all Shia believers around the world on the demise anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra (pbuh).

IHCCO Public Relations