Congratulations on Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatemeh

On the night of her wedding, Lady Fatima (PBUH) wore a beautiful new dress. However, when she learned that a young woman among the helpers was unable to find a dress to wear, she selflessly took off her own wedding dress. Instead of giving the young woman an old dress, she generously gave her own wedding dress. Lady Fatima (PBUH) turned away from all material pleasures and prioritized the satisfaction of Allah (S) above everything else.

Lady Fatima (PBUH) exemplified the importance of helping others, regardless of the circumstances. Her actions demonstrated the significance of offering assistance whenever possible. Furthermore, she emphasized the need to provide help in the most impactful and selfless manner, without considering personal gain.

She serves as a role model for millions, demonstrating the true essence of Islam and imparting valuable lessons to Muslims about finding contentment in Allah’s (S) decrees for humanity.

We extend our congratulations to all believers around the world on the birthday of Lady Fatima (PBUH), a truly honorable, pure, and just women who was born on the twentieth of Jumada al-Aakhirah.

IHCCO Public Relations