Ottawa Shia Central Committee, and Collective Quran Project

Dear members and friends,


We are thrilled to announce that Imam Hossein Cultural Centre of Ottawa (IHCCO), along with all other Muslim Shia organizations in the city, have joined together to form the Ottawa Shia Central Committee (OSCC), fostering a united front for our bigger community. Together, we amplify our advocacy, enhance resource allocation for better services, and celebrate and preserve our cultural heritage more vibrantly, while respecting and preserving the financial and organizational independence of every organization member. This collaboration is a testament to the strength we derive from unity, as we strive to create a more impactful and influential voice for the Shia community in our city.


Introducing the First Common Project: Quran Education Programs

We are delighted to unveil OSCC’s inaugural project – comprehensive Quran education programs aimed at empowering both tutors and students. This initiative seeks to strengthen our connection with the Quran, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for its teachings. This project is planned to be implemented in multiple phases. In the first phase, there will be a series of training for interested individuals from each community to become Quran tutors and reciters.

If you are passionate about contributing to this meaningful project or would like to learn more, please check out the detailed information on the official poster. Feel free to reach out to us directly via our Contact Us page for any inquiries or if you would like to register for this program by January 20, 2024. There will be registration fees for these programs.


IHCCO Public Relations