IHCCO’s New Social Media

Dear Friends,
We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new social media channels to stay in touch with you, even more than before!

New Website and Mobile App

Imam Hossein Cultural Centre of Ottawa now has a brand-new, bilingual (English & Farsi), full-dynamic, secure, user and mobile-friendly website! You can access the Ottawa prayer time, in addition to IHCCO’s latest news and services through our website at www.imamhossein.ca. More useful materials and resources will be added to our website soon.
Furthermore, you can enter our website on your smartphone or tablet, then hit the Add to Home Screen option via the Share icon on Safari (for iOS users) or the Chrome settings menu (for Android users) to add our standalone app to your device. You will have access to the services and materials through this app, online and offline!

Official Telegram Channel

Since our Telegram Group (Khabarname Ottawa) is there to provide the community a platform for getting in touch and it does not necessarily cover all the announcements, make sure to join our new Telegram Channel to get the latest and most complete news in Farsi about the IHCCO’s events.

WhatsApp Channel

Exclusive to those who follow our English announcements, you may find IHCCO’s news in English on our WhatsApp Channel.

IHCCO Public Relations