Food Aid Campaign

Dear friends,

Considering this year’s different Muharram, due to respecting physical distancing, IHCCO distributed just one Nazri meal. In an effort to honour Imam Hossein’s legacy and to make a positive change, IHCCO in collaboration with Paradise Charity Group have decided to run a fundraising campaign to support some of the underprivileged families in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran by sponsoring food aid packages.

The donated funds will be transferred to Paradise Charity Group, which is a registered, Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization. Paradise Charity Group, then will transfer 100 percent of the donations to one of its collaborating charities in Iran. The Iranian collaborator will receive donated amounts and will allocate the full amount as per our request which is preparing and distributing food aid packages with an average value of $10 aiming to respond to the local needs. These packages will include a bag of flour, meat, cooking oil, and gifts for kids. Upon completion the Iranian collaborator will provide both IHCCO and Paradise Charity Group with receipts and documentation.

Please note that Paradise Charity Group will issue a donation tax receipt for donations of $25 or more.

To sponsor food packages:

Please fill out this form (in Farsi) by Sunday, September 20, 2020, which includes all the required information.

Filling out this form will enable us to keep track of the donated amounts and follow up on the donation tax receipts with the Paradise Charity Group. It will also help us to prepare a report on the total amount of donations, which will be shared by the Day of Arbaeen.

Having your support, we hope to make a positive difference- even on a small scale- in the life of those in need in our motherland.

IHCCO Public Relations