Commemorating the Occasions of Muharram and Safar

Dear friends,
On the occasion of death of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), the martyrdom of Imam Hassan (pbuh), and martyrdom of Imam Reza (pbuh), we would like to pay respect virtually to these three extraordinary figures in Islam:

  • Peace and salutations to you, O’ Mohammad, the messenger of Allah, the one chosen by God, the superior one: Ziarat of Rasulullah
  • Peace and salutations to you, O’ Hassan ibn Ali, the one who reminded us to pay much attention to how we feed our soul as do so in feeding our body: Ziarat Imam Hassan
  • Peace and salutations to you, O’ Ali ibn Mousa Ar-Reza, the one purified by God, as we miss your peaceful holy shrine: Salawat to Imam RezaVideo Clip in Farsi.

We are so pleased that we could spend time together virtually, while respecting the physical distancing, mourning for Aba Abdillah (as) and educating ourselves and our kids from the pure teachings of Ahlul-bayt (as) in the past two months. We appreciate your participation, your donations as well as the efforts of our volunteers who made such programs possible and successful. We’re glad to announce that even though we had physical restrictions due to COVID this year, we were able to hold the Blood Donation, Nazri Meal, Recycling and Food Aid campaigns in addition to the virtual programs on the occasions of Muharram and Safar with all your help and support.

Contents Produced by IHCCO on Muharram and Safar 2020
Per your request in accessing the contents prepared by our volunteers at IHCCO on the occasions of Muharram and Safar 2020, please find the links to these contents in following:

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