Initial Report on the Food Aid Campaign

Dear friends,

This Muharram, IHCCO in collaboration with Paradise Charity Group ran a fundraising campaign to support some of the underprivileged families in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran by sponsoring food aid packages. With your tremendous contributions, we were able to collect $6,310 which was matched and quadrupled by the work companies of the donors to donate $25,240 in overall. The donated funds were transferred to Paradise Charity Group, which is a registered, Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization. Paradise Charity Group, then will transfer 100 percent of the donations to one of its collaborating charities in Iran. As the donated amount turned out to become significant, a portion of it will be used to prepare and distribute food aid packages, while the rest will be allocated to buy farm animals to make jobs for local women and also to build drinking water purification systems based on the poll taken part by the respected donors.

More information will be posted as the implementation of the campaign proceeds.

Thanks for your continuous support!

IHCCO Public Relations