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For all inquiries, you may reach us by sending an email to school@imamhossein.ca.

2022-23 School Year

We are excited to announce that the Imam Hossein Cultural Centre of Ottawa (IHCCO) Persian School will begin its classes in the 2022-2023 school year!

Based on the number of pre-registrations, we will have the following classes:

  • Kids Level 1 (Sundays 9-11 am with Ms. Ansar)
  • Kids Level 2 (Saturdays 9-11 am with Ms. Ansar)
  • Kids Level 4 (Saturdays 9-11 am with Ms. Ghayour)
  • Adults Level 1 (Saturdays 11 am-1 pm with Ms. Ansar)*
    • * Those who pre-registered for Adults Level 2 are encouraged to take Level 1 as the course material will most likely extend to Level 2 as well in the same year due to the observed conditions.

Classes will begin on September 10th, 2022, and end on June 25th, 2023. All classes will be held in person at the Community Cultural Centre (CCC) located at 3025 Albion Rd. N, Unit 318.

On Thursday, September 8th, we will have two orientation sessions for the following classes:

  • 6-7 pm: Kids Level 1
  • 7-8 pm: Kids Level 4


The tuition and supply fees for each student is listed below for the school year, which includes 39 sessions in total (no class during 2 weeks of Winter break and 1 week of March break). These fees will be paid in 2 installments: $500 at the time of registration (by September 7th), and the rest in January upon returning from the Winter break. Exceptions for how the installments are paid can potentially be made if necessary.

If the required minimum number of enrolments to form a class is not reached, registration fees that have already been paid for that class will be fully refunded.

Payments should be made through e-Transfer to school@imamhossein.ca. Please mention the following information in the “optional message” section: Persian School, [student’s name], [what the payment is for].

In addition to tuition fees, there will be fees for supplies (textbooks, photocopies and stationery) which we will communicate after registration is completed and will be paid before the classes start in September.

ClassTuition feeSupply fee
Supply fee
Supply fee
Kids Level 1$975$40$30
Kids Level 4$975$30$15

Required Supplies

We will provide the student with the required materials and stationery. If anything further was needed, we will communicate accordingly.

To Parents: Please keep the supplies for the Persian class separate, and do not use the same supplies that are used during your child’s weekday school. It is also recommended that your child have a separate backpack in order not to forget any required items when attending their Persian class.

We will also communicate with you regarding the textbooks after the registration.

Other supplies may be required during the school year, in which case this will be communicated by the teachers.


To register, please pay the firs installment as directed above and email us the following information for each student. Registration is due September 7th.

  • Name of student and 1 parent/guardian for kids
  • Parents/your email addresses (to receive further communications)
  • Parents/your phone numbers
  • Emergency contact information for kids (name, email address, phone number, relationship to the student). This person shall be available to contact during class time in case of any emergencies.
  • Telegram phone numbers (if different from the above phone number) to include parents/your in the class Telegram group.

Important Notes

  • Please note that pick-up and drop-off will be at the classroom door, NOT the main entrance of the building.


The school will create a Telegram group for each class for parent-teacher communication. Please note that these groups are to be used only for messages and questions related to the class material and homework. All other communications (absences, payments, administrative inquiries, etc.) shall be through the school’s email address at school@imamhossein.ca.


  • If the student is sick and can’t come to school one day, please inform us by email.
  • If the student misses a class or classes due to illness or a trip, the teacher will inform the parents/you on what should be covered at home. If the parents/you request a make-up class, or if the teacher decides that a make-up class is required, it will be scheduled at an extra cost.
  • To Parents: Teachers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to ask parents/guardians to pick up any student that shows signs of illness (even the sniffles). Parents must be available to pick up the student at that time.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Looking forward to a productive school year, learning how to read and write Persian!